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Head V10

163 - 170 - 177 - 184

Thanks to its geometry, this is a ski that is born to turn.The broad shovel actively supports turn initiation. Even in extreme, slippery situations this is a ski you feel comfortable with

Head V6

149 - 156 - 163 - 170 - 177

The V6 is perfect for experienced skiers. You can put the foot down on piste, or smoothly master off-piste terrain

Head Absolut Joy

143 - 148 - 153 - 158 - 163 - 168

If you are a good skier the Absolut Joy is the right ski for you. It's a mix of light materials that gives you extra balance and control. You soon feel comfortable and ready to face any terrain

Grip it and rip it. Carving skis are great for the days when the snow from the last storm is tracked out. Spend the day cranking turns on some groomed runs with these skis that are shaped for arcing turn after turn.

Carving Skis


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